Established in France and present worldwide
over 60 years, DOGA manufactures and
markets Assembly Tools & Accessories.

With the Productivity & Manufacturing
in Mind, DOGA provides innovating
& reliable Assembly solutions, Expertise
and Technical support to its customers
acting in the Automotive, Aerospace,
Electronics and General Assembly Industries.

DOGA Torque & Angle control screwdrivers
DOGA Low voltage electric screwdrivers
DOGA Brushless electric screwdrivers
DOGA Torque measuring instruments
DOGA Torque reaction arms
DOGA Air screwdrivers

DOGA Shut-off impulse tools
DOGA Shut-off cordless impulse tools
DOGA Industrial cordless tools
DOGA Industrial battery chargers
DOGA Screwfeeders
DOGA Screwdriver bits