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Torque / Angle analyser

Equipped with a built-in transducer the EZ series may be used to calibrate quickly and accurately every kind of fastening tools (torque wrenches, electric and air screwdrivers). Memorized readings can easily be transfered to any kind of computer or printer through RS232 C port.

The NST transducers are suitable with the MTA torque analyser. Ideal for calibration lab they are dedicated to the calibration of electric and pneumatic tools, pulse and torque wrenches. Auto-recognition with MTA torque analyser. Bi-directional.

NST static transducers
Rotary torque transducers with brushes

Designed to control torque really applied on your products, the B series rotary torque transducers are suitable with the MTA torque readouts. They are equipped with self-lubricating brushes and high accurate ball bearings. This range will meet your quality and lifetime requirements.

The MTA is a hand-held Torque / Angle analyser suitable with all our transducers (NST, B and SB models). Easy to start and use it offers tool testing, graphing capabilities and a graphical menu for easy navigation. The MTA allows you to set up and create tool tests and save readings so that you can export the data to a PC for documentation.