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Special Arms

Upon your request DOGA may provide you with special armes according to your requirements.


The BA...series with its optimized and robust design will provide you with Manufacturing quality, extreme operator comfort and higher productivity for many years.

BA..Series are equiped with a rotating articulation wich enables a high working flexibility. Swivelling and folding up like a human arm, they are particularly recommended for spaceless working places.

Articulated reaction arms
Telescoping arms
Travelling arms

Extremely rigid, light, compact sized and maintenance free, the DMF carbon fiber arms is easy to install and ideal for conveyor assembly line. Flexible it is suitable with straight, pistol and angle nutrunners providing the operator extreme comfort and easy manover.

Bench mounted , the BA...C is ideal for tightening operations on large surface or with repetitive tightening tasks.

Mounted on suspended sliding rail, the SLIDER serie offers X,Y,Z full mobility. Ideal for conveyor assembly line it does not dusrupt the production flow.




Our Tool positioning system combined Torque reaction arms equiped with position coders and a Posi Touch controller. It provides operator guidance for various assembly operations. Thus each joint is tightened in the correct sequence and position. If the operator does not respect the sequence, the tool does not operate. You can now rely on a zero fault process !