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Reversible screwdrivers 150 and 260 Watts. Trigger Starting system. Torque up signal available on request. Torque range from 0,4 to 12 Nm. Speed up to 2000 rpm.
Reversible screwdrivers 150 and 260 Watts. Lever and push to start systems. Suitable for use with reaction arms. Torque up signal provided (except for Push to Start). Torque range from 0,4 to 12 Nm Speed up to 2000 rpm

DSE Series Straight pneumatic tools
Angle nutrunners

Torque range from 0.8 to 150 Nm. Designed with a unique & patented clutch mechanism (built-in cut spring) our angle nutrunners will provide you with the following advantages: lower torque reaction, wider torque range and better accuracy than any existing tools on the market.