Screwdriver bits
DOGA proposes a wide range of screwdriver bits, holders ans sockets. Special bits and sockets are also our speciality with fast delivery.
Low voltage electric screwdrivers

LTorque & Angle control screwdrivers
LLow voltage electric screwdrivers
LBrushless electric screwdrivers
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Torque reactions arms

Designed for the Electronic industry and General Industry, the DOGA electric screwdrivers provide you with a wide range of torque (from 0,08 to 4,41 Nm) and rotation speed selection. Dependng on your needs, models with or without controller are available.
Designed for extreme high production environment, the DOGA brushless motors are productive, maintenance free to reduce your cost. Many innovating features & options are available to meet your most demanding manufacturing and quality requirements until 4,41 Nm ! The best ratio price/performance/quality at your disposal.
Brushless electric screwdrivers
Torque measuring instruments
Air screwdrivers

To optimize the manufacturing quality Power tools must be properly and periodicaly calibrated. Demanding assembly process must be controlled. DOGA Put at your disposal a wide range of torque tranducers and torque analyser to calibrate your tools, measure torque really achieved on the parts and assure your torque traceability.
Straight, pistol, angle nutrunners from 0,4 to 150 Nm with ergonomic design providing comfort of the operator, precision air shut off systems to achieve extreme torque accuracy and 5 vanes air motor with optimal efficiency to save energy. Built-in or on request air signals for POKA YOKE control to warrant the manufacturing quality
DOGA Li-ion battery pistol screwdrivers are designed with industrial production in mind. Ergonomic and robust, they are also very flexible thanks to their adjustable rotation speed (see option ‘‘speed control’’). Moreover, you will highly reduce your maintenance costs as they are equiped with brushless motors.
Power Tools produce a torque reaction transmitted to the operator's hand. This repetitive reaction provoks injuries to the hand wrist and shoulder of the operators. it reduces productivity and increased cost of absenteeism. DOGA arms solve both issues for a fraction of the costs.
Ergonomic, fast and accurate the DOGA pulse tools range is designed for heavy production rate to reduce cycle times and improve the comfort of the operator. Light and durable, Pistol , Straight and Angle models are available from 5 to 450 Nm with built-in shut-off mechanism.
Increase your production cycle time.
Shut-off cordless impulse tools
Industrial cordless tools



Make your Cordless tools more productive and durable, Make economy increasing the life time of your batteries and manage the recycling.

Industrial battery chargers
Torque & Angle control screwdrivers



The DPTC series is a complete range of Industrial Cordless Impulse Tools from 7 to 45 Nm with Advanced electronic shut-off system to optimize the torque repeatabilty whatever the joints features are. Fast and light the DPTC series increase your productivity rate and provide your operators with high operating comfort.
Shut-off impulse tools


Torque range from 0,01 to 49 Nm.
Designed for the most demanding tightening process, this complete line of hand held and automation assembly tools provides you with the highest productivity and Manufacturing Quality at optimized cost.