I - Torque Arms and Tool positionning systems

DOGA manufactures a wide line of torque arms and torque reaction systems with different series : cartesian, articulated, suspended, telescoping. SLIDER and DMF carbon fiber arms are very popular in the automotive industry and electronic industry.

- BA 60 C equiped with inverse mounting kit and BAPER downward assistance kit..

- Doga torque arms.

- Doga DMF telescoping carbon fiber arm.

- DMF with Posi Control in Motion on a car seats assembly line.

- DMF carbon fiber telescoping arm in motion on Engine line.

- DMF carbon fiber telescoping arm in motion on Engine line.

- DMF carbon fiber arms with controlled tools replace noisy and unaccurate pulse tools.

- BA...RPC posi control arms in motion on car seats assembly line.

II - Controlled Electric screwdrivers

DOGA market in the whole Europe a wide range of low voltage electric screwdriver with Brushless motor and Poka Yoke Controller . Accurate and reliable, the DOGA Hybrid screwdriver can manage several torque / angle strategies and features a built in counting programm. Fixtured spindle are also available for automation.

- Doga brushless spindle.

- Doga brushless screwdrivers.

- Doga brushless screwdriver2.

- Doga brushless screwdriver.

III - Automatic screwfeeding systems

Dedicated to many kind of applications (car components, electronics...) our autofeed systems increase the manufacturing productivity and the comfort of the operator. Advanced or telescoping systems are both available.

- Handheld autofeed with piston.

- Automatic screwfeeding system.

- Autofeed machine.